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We produce natural and handy processed mustared oil .

mustard oil

How to make natural mustard oil ?

Please go to market buy mustard seed at the ratio 1:3 (if you want to have one liter of mustard oil then buy three kilogram of mustard seed. Clean them if there are any foreign materials or dust dry under sunlight until grains become hard enough to smash.

Then go to nearby seed expeller shop/industry to expel  oil from mustard oil. After extraction of oil put that oil under sunbath for at least 72 hours for best preservation and also keep for at least seven days for settlement of oil sedimentation.

After completion of all operation you will get pure and natural mustard oil having a marvelous color like orange shade having no pungent odor. You can pour clear part to other container or use from the same when you require.

If   you   feel cumbersome , then we are here to give you support to have natural mustard oil. Call on us  tell  us your requirement we will supply you @ Tk.250- 300 per liter depending on the price mustard seeds.

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